First Aid and NCO Trg


On Saturday 19 Decemeber over 30 cadets underwent assesment for their Youth First Aider qualification after an 8 week course in the skills of First Aid and dealing with casualties. The tests saw the cadets dealing with unconscious casaulties, giving CPR and dealing with a casualty with a serious wound. The cadets found the assesments challenging, but rewarding in that they now have a vital life skill which will enable them to keep injured people alive until the ambulence arrives. The Sqn thanks goes to Flt Lt O’Mahonney (338 Sqn) and Sgt Barnes (12F) for giving up their Saturday to carry out some of the assessments.

At the same time 8 Corporals and potential Corporals underwent a training day run by the OC, Sgt Dan Goldman and Cdt Sgts Ischs, Dutch, McCormack, explaining the role of the Corporal as a Section Commander responsible for their cadets attendance, discipline, welfare, drill and subs, a significant responsibility for young people aged around 15. The course covered various aspects of the NCOs role and will enable them to succesfuly carry out their roles in the future.

The photos show the JNCO Course and Cpl Thompson acting as a casualty (siting down)