First ETR Shoot

The Sqn attended Pirbright Ranges on Sunday 11 Dec 05 for its first ETR Shoot – ETR? Electronic Target Range!

On this range, instead of cadets having to manhandle 4 foot square target onto hoists and then put them up and down, patching shot holes as the go, the Targets are deployed electronically and the fall of shot shown on a computer screen next to the Firer. So we have moved into the 21st Century!

As well as speeding up the shooting it allows accurate and quick debriefing of the Cadet on their progress.

Now the Sqn has qualifies staff for this type of range more use will be made of them in the future.

Congratulations to the Cadets who qualified for the following Marksmen Awards:

Smith D


FS Cheah
Sgt Burgess
Cdt Filer
Cpl Bhadresha
Cpl O’Donovan