Flying Scholarships

Cadets in the Air Training Corps can applying for a Flying Scholarship award once 16 which, if selected, will see them on a 2 week course in Scotland being taught to fly a powered aircraft and if they show the right apptitude will fly solo, often before they can drive. This year 2 cadets have gone solo – FS Akshay Mandalia (left photo) and Sgt Angelica Cooney (right photo). FS Mandalia reports “The ACPS (Air Cadet Pilot Scholarship) entitled me to 12 hours of flying at Tayside Aviation in Dundee. I spent two weeks in Dundee alongside a group of other cadets at the 4* Landmark Hotel.  It took me just over 9 hours to solo, having had dual instruction in the air on the Grob 119 and ground training including air law and navigation, and my 15 min solo flight (middle photo) was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I intend to continue my Private Pilots License Training with the view of gaining my license next year.