Flying, Sports and Navigation

On another busy weekend the cadets took part in a wide variety of activities:

Sgt Fothergil, Cdts Al Akku, Fadhill, Windebank, Henry attended the Inter Region Cross Country Competition at RAF Cranwell on Sunday where they were cheered on by Officer Cadet Jason Reuben. All gained their Region Blues and Cdt Fadhill is a reserve in the Corps Team.

On Friday and Saturday Cadets flew the Tutor fully aerobatic aircraft at 6 AEF at RAF Wyton (19 and 25 cadets respectively), and all were able to experience the thrills of taking control of the aircraft in spite of the high winds that were left over from thursday storm!

On Sunday cadets from the Leading Class attended a practical Navigation lesson in the wilds of Epping Forest where the mysteries of map and compass where made clearer and new skills put into practise.

Other cadets attended the Wing Sports training sessions at Mile End for hockey, netball and football

And finally Cpl Reeves Roberts commenced a Gliding Scholarship Course at 614 VGS at Weathersfield Airfield.

The photo shows a view of Benson from about 3000 feet!