Forest Nitex

Cadets carried out an overnight navigation and leadership exercise in Epping Forest on the night of 13/14 Feb 09, an annual event designed to test the Cadet NCOs who plan and execute the exercise and the cadets who take part, in conditions which are unfamiliar and challengeing, especially at 0400 in the morning!

The exercise saw the cadets formed into 4 sections each lead by a Senior Cadet with a Cadet NCO as Directing Staff carry out navigation training (which is far more difficult in a dark forest than on a sunny day!) and a number of practical leadership tasks including building a Aircraft Beacon and evacuating casuaties from a first incident. Feedback and supervision was given by Adult Staff.

For many of the cadets it was the first time they had been out active all night and the event gave them a new perspective on the challenges and rewards of Air Cadet membership!

The photo shows a cadet enagaged in Beacon Construction at 3am; the quality is poor as the OCs camera decided not to work, leaving his phone struggeling with the lack of light! More photos to follow!