Germany Camp 2006

Below is Cadet Jack Chavener’s report of his experiences of a recent Cadet camp in Germany:

"On Wednesday the 9th of August Cdts Jack Chavner and Ryan O’Grady went to Rheindahlen camp Germany. On the first day of camp we had a camp photo taken early in the morning, after which we were divided into our Flights. “A” flight went off and did their familiarisation exercise whilst “B” flight went shooting on the SATS range (electronic shooting range). After lunch the flights switched over what they were doing. After we had dinner that night we went out to the local town of Monchenglandbach and went go-carting for the night, and Cdt O’Grady keep on crashing in to the tyre walls!

On Friday we went to a theme park which was based on films such as “Ice Age” and “Back to the Future”. This was a really good activity which brought the cadets from all over “London and South East Region” closer as friends. At the end of the day there was a stunt show which was really interesting, to watch people threw themselves off of buildings. Unfortunately it rained all day, but this did not spoil our fun.

On Saturday we went to the Netherlands were we visited a World War 2 museum which gave us all another view to the conflict which claimed so many lives. The museum also had a lot of World War 2 vehicles from different nations in the conflict. When we had finished we went off to a local war cemetery which was emotional for myself and other cadet’s who were on the camp because of family who had died during the war. When we got back to the camp we went bowling in the evening which was extremely funny when you were watching the officers fall over on the floor.

We went back to the Netherlands again the next day to visit Arnhem War Cemetery, this time we laid flowers for those whose family had lost a loved one to show our respect to them. We then went to the Airborne museum where the Para troopers were when they fought the Germans. When we had finished we went to Arnhem and we met someone who lived there at the time and he told us of how the British Para troopers fought against the Germans for 4 days and 3 nights.

On Monday the whole of the camp went shooting for the day. When we arrived at the range in the morning we found out that there would be a Para trooper as the range officer. Whilst half of the camp went shooting the other half had a field craft lesson. This was another wet day!

On Tuesday we had the drill competition that we had been practising for every evening. After the drill competition we went off too Ayrshire barracks to look around the current serving tanks and armoured vehicles in the British Army. We also had a display by the “Warrior” tank, after the display we had a photo taken with the whole camp on the tanks. As it was the last night the staff was handing out the awards and each of the flights did a show which they had practiced the night before. These turned out to be extremely funny and even the staff did one.

Over all this was a really enjoyable trip which I would thoroughly recommend to any body that has the opportunity of going. (Start saving now!)"