Gibralter Camp

Each year, a number of Air Cadets get the opportunity to go on Annual Camp overseas, and Gibraltar is a popular and much sought after destination. This year Cpl Andy Webb went with cadets from all over London and South East Region. His report is posted below;

Flying into disputed territory (the airfield was built on Spanish territory during WW2), we were greeted by the smallest international airport one can imagine. The only airfield with a major road running across it, its uniqueness gave us some idea of the quirks and novelty that Britain’s meditteranean oasis would yield.

The first full day saw a familiarisation exercise, about the small RAF set-up there, with the highlights being using the Fire and Rescue equipment. Later in the week, we were able to visit Operations, Air Traffic and Approach branches, which were very useful and informative. Especially so to those of us contemplating future careers in the services.

The week continued along the same, exciting lines, with highlights including an explosives demonstration by the RAF Bomb Disposal team, an opportunity to play with a £million bomb disposal robot, L85A2 shooting on a SATT range, and rides on Royal Navy interception craft, zooming around Spanish Waters at high speed.

But there was time for R&R as well, with the nights being our own, and visits to the top of “the Rock” and the resident Rock Apes (no, not the Regiment, but the other thieving critters – Gibraltar’s monkeys). The beach was used extensively and the week included a visit to a Spanish water park.

All in all the trip represented another insight into the RAF way of life, gave work experience and let us all get a good tan (or sunburn!). I would recommend it to anyone…