On Saturday 7th April Cdt Kamrun Robinson (GIC2), Cdt Adam Sinclair (GIC3), and Cadet Chloe Sinclair (GIC1) attended MDP Wethersfield for Gliding Induction Certificates.

All cadets successfully completed their launches and can now progress to the next stage. Cdt Adam Sinclair can now go forward for a gliding scholarship.

On Sunday 08 Apr Cadets Fred Clarke (GIC 2), Shahan Spall (GIC3) and Luke Benjafield (GIC 3) also attended Weathersfield and successfuly completed their Gliding Induction Courses.

In addition Cpl Rhys Reeves-Roberts successfully completed his Gliding Scholarship after 7 weekends at the school.

Pictured is Cpl Reeves-Roberts in the front seat of the Grob Viking going through take-off checks prior to launch.