Gliding & Football

On Saturday 24 Feb 3 Cadets attended Weathersfield for a Gliding Course as reported by Cdt Sinclair:

"Well guys, you missed out on quite an eventful trip!
Before any gliding actually happened, we first had the Group Captain Mike Cross visit. He promoted the boss down at 614 volunteer gliding school to the rank of Squadron Leader. BBC Essex were filming for the red nose day "big challenge", filming us going in gliders and then going in them themselves.

Group Captain Cross commented on how smart we were, and how pleasantly surprised he was.

I am afraid to report we only got the chance to complete GIC 1 due to weather, with only three launches. Still, I would advise any cadets to get on one of these courses. It really is a good course and I personally will be applying for a Gliding Scholarship when the time comes.

Thanks to Pilot Officer Davies for taking us, and one off the Glding School staff commented on him being "well safe" Adam Sinclair"

The Sqn also carried out more practical Navigation Trg in Epping Forest on the Saturday.

And then we come to the Wing 5 Side Competition!

Oh Dear……..

2 teams knocked out in the first round and the Junior Boys managed a 3rd!

It seems that football is not our forte! Well, we cant be good at everything and there is always next year!

The photo show FS Tom Burgess about to react to the oposing team goalie!