Gold and Silver Expeditions

The Sqn had six teams on Expedition in the Lake District last week, 3 Silver and 3Gold.

The Silvers had to cover over 30 miles in mountainous and wild terrain over three days and the Golds 50 miles over 4 days.

This is a major challenge to the cadets, and is usually the most memorable part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. However, the biggest challenge is for the groups to produce their reports by 01 Oct 08!

The weather wasnt good to say the least, with Monday and Tuesday being abysmal with rain, high winds and low cloud, and certinely gave the cadets experiences which they will not forget in a hurry, one of which will be subject of a separate report!

Fg Off Harvey and AWO Morris gave cadets from 2324 (Chigwell) Sqn rock climbing instruction on the Friday before the main party arrived.

The Photo shows a cadets from a silver group contemplating their Sunday check walk of Robinson and Hindscaft , the mountains at the rear of the Picture!