Happy 67th Birthday!

The Sqn held its annual Dinner and Dance on the Anniversary of its 67th year of foundation in 1941.

The Prince Regent Hotel in Woodford was the venue for the Social Event of the Year as over 130 Cadets, Staff, Guests and ex cadets attended and danced the night away.

Special guests where Wing Commander Sylvia Silver, OC London Wing, and 2nd Lt Daniel Davies, an ex cadet & Officer on the Sqn who is now an Officer in the Royal Artillery.

Cpl Darren Southcott was Mr Vice and Plt Off Holly Brogden-Knight was the President of the Mess Committee, and organised the whole event with IFS Caroline Dent.

The Sqn "Dined Out" staff and cadets who have left over the last year, including Matt Davies, a former officer on the Sqn who is now at RMAS Sandhurst training to be an Army Officer, and ICWO Kristina Pisano who times out as a cadet and joins the staff side in March.

Toasts were also made in memory of Royal Marine Tom Curry, and absent friends, several of whom are on active service. The final toast was to the memory of Warrant Officer Norman McGrath, as is now Sqn tradition.

The photo shows IFS Terry Preston with the Wing Commander!