Hard work pays off

Three Teams from the Sqn were selected to attend the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meet from 04 – 07 Jul at the national Shooting Centre at Bisley. This is the most prestigious shooting event of the cadet calendar and saw 109 Teams from the Sea, Army and Air Cadets competing for the Cadet 100 Award and other trophies. In addition there were teams present from the Canadian and Hong Kong Cadet Forces. In a pleasent change from 2012 there was no rain, with scorching temparatures being the order of the day for the 4 days of shooting. The Cadet 100 is awarded to the top 100 shots of the competition, out of the around 500 cadets firing in the event. The L81 7.62 Target Rifle is used at ranges of 300, 500 and 600 yards, and the cadets also shot in the Bisley V Competition at 900 and 1000 yards.

This year 3 Cadets qualified for their Cadet 100s – CWO Chris Raj, Cpl Max Lungu and Cdt Stephen Raj; and in a reversal of 2012 CWO Raj beat his brother by 1 point!. In the team competitions the A Team came 18th out of 106 teams in the Frankfort Trophy, and 14th in the Watts Bowl, and were placed 7th in the ATC in both. Additionally they came 10th out of 32 Teams in the V Competition, being 1st of the ATC units in that shoot. A special mention should be made of the C Team who, under coaching from Cdt Sgt Sadler from 2324 Sqn, beat the B Team in the Watts Bowl competition – no mean achievement!