Hot, Damm Hot!

Cadets attended Pirbright Ranges for Gallery shooting on Sunday 17 Jul with the L98 Rifle. Marksman practices were shot at various distances and Falling Plate was shot at the end of the day. Undoubtedly one of the hotest days we have every shot on, the sun tan cream was well to the fore!

Congratulations to the following Cadets who qualified for:

[b:23cermjc]Corps Marksman[/b:23cermjc]
Cdt Rae
Cdt West

[b:23cermjc]Region Marksman[/b:23cermjc]
Cdt Charles

[b:23cermjc]Wing Marksman[/b:23cermjc]
FS Henry
Cdt Loblack

Full results will be posted o/s the CO Office on Monday.