ICAE – USA Latest Report

Here is FS Paul Fothergills latest report from America

“Well America is going very well. Just to give a quick overview of what I have done since my last e-mail:
Watched a full baseball game
Glider Flights
Tour of AMARC (grave-site of all aircraft, over 6,000 diff aircraft!)
Titan Missile Mueseum (nuclear warhead museum)
Pima air and Space Mueseum
Met various CAP squadrons and given a drill display, as they always wanted to see RAF style drill
Visted Dave Monthan AFB, meeting the station commander, visiting various sectors and being allowed to climb over the A-10
Met up with some RAF Harrier pilots on tour, got to look at the harrier
Had a go on the Apache simulator
Got to climb all over an Apache and Black Hawk
Officers mess meals
Visit Luke AFB
F-16 simulators
Flew over Arizona to a cadet BBQ in Sedona
Morning of flying
Stayed at the Grand Canyon
Hiked into the Grand Canyon
IMAX movie on the Grand Canyon
Visit to Embry-Riddle university
single and multi-engine simulators
various sights and tourist attractions around Arizona
I have been going to bed at the earliest 1130pm and always up before 6am, so it is non-stop activity! It is really good fun and we have still got more to go! Tomorrow we are taking a 3-hour river raft ride down the salt lakes. Basically I am having a very good time!”