Into the Forest

Over the course of three Saturdays cadets from the Squadron have been brushing up on their navigation skills in preperation for their leading Cadet exams. The practical training is designed to reinforce and emphasie the previous classroom training in this essential skill and is the foundation of all subsequent map reading at Crowborough and the Wild Country areas of the UK that the cadets will experience over the next year. The training taught the cadets how to use a compass, and how to navigate to features having worked out the Distance/Speed/Time calculation and using various techniques such as pacing and handrailing to arrive on time on target!. The weather was a mixture of cold and frosty morings, rain, and sun, so fairly typical british weather!

The photos shows the cadets being shown how to find North with the aid of a stick and the sun and Cdts Chavner and Sambi considering their position iwitht he rest of the group n the middle of the forest where a compass is vital!