Izzy does the PT Course

Cpl Izzy hulbert has just completed a work experience course with the RAF Physical Training Instructors “During my three day work experience course at Cranwell, home to the college where initial officer and aircrew training takes place, I gained a real insight to what life as a Physical Training Instructor in the RAF is really like. The six of us chosen to attend the course became well acquainted within hours of arrival and after being fed and shown to our rooms, were given the opportunity to look around and have a go on a flight simulator. The following two days involved partaking in initial fitness tests (1.5 mile run, the multi-stage fitness test and plenty of press ups and sit ups), a number of circuits and opportunities to both watch PTIs instruct their lessons as well as actually taking part alongside officers.  Over the course, through lots of asking questions, we all became very well informed about the various training, progression and specialisation courses involved in this career path, as well as being given a taste of what the application process actually involves – in this instance a five minute talk in front of the rest of the group.  With a wake- up siren going off at 6am each morning, we were able to do lots during the day besides the exercise classes and talks we were given; with rock climbing, an obstacle course, bowling and a team-building and motivational exercise all being on the agenda. Although the course flew by, it was undoubtedly the perfect way to get a real feel for what it is to be a PTI – both in the sense of gaining further knowledge about the job, as well as learning how to get on being surrounded by a new team of people in an unfamiliar environment- an opportunity I’d say is completely un-missable for anybody considering a career in RAF!”