Junior NCO Course and other activities

The Sqn started 2007 in typical style with several events over the 1st weekend of the year.

On Saturday a number of cadets live fired the No 8 .22 rifle on our local range under the supervision of CI Steven Hawes.

On Sunday 7 January a group of Junior NCOs and potential Junior NCOs paraded at Squadron HQ to undertake a training day designed to help them carry out their duties on 241 Squadron. The day began with a quick introduction to the course from the outgoing Cadet Warrant Officer, Paul Fothergill. The CWO then outlined the duties and tasks of a Junior NCO on the average parade night, from arrival to departure.

As the day progressed, the JNCOs were taught a range of skills relevant to their progression and developing the cadets they command. This included drill instruction, giving orders, manner and bearing, running a section of cadets, using the squadron computer system and dealing with problems. The instructors that lent their particular brand of expertise were CWO Paul Fothergill, CI Matt Davies, CI Jodie Graham and ISgt Daniel Goldman (CSLA).

Overall the day was a success for those that attended, and they left feeling much better equipped to deal with the challenges that come with commanding a section of 8 cadets. It is now a regular feature in the 241 calendar for current and potential Junior NCOs.

Meanwhile 20 cadets where flying at RAF Wyton on the fully aerobatic Tutor with No 5 Air Experience Flight and had the opportunity to take control and carry out various manouvres in spite of the threat of bad weather.

The CO and 2IC attended the London Wing Conference at Mile End where various speakers, including the new Air Officer Commanding Air Cadets, Air Commodore Moulds, outline their visions for the ACO in the future, and 241 got a large number of mentions from the various speakers!