Just Another Weekend!

On Saturday 11 Feb 30 Cadets carried out practical navigation and map training in the wilds of Epping Forest as part of preparation for their Leading Cadet Exam in March.

On Sunday the Shooting Team fired the Earl Roberts Skill at Arms Competition Shoot at Ash Ranges. Most of the team were new and experienced a competition shoot for the first time, in the rain and wind! In spite of their inexperience and the weather some good scores were recorded. Congratulations to the not so inexperienced FS Kris Pisano with a score of 174 out of 200, and a young Billy Chavner with a score of 100, Smith M and Bassan with 93 and Ferrari with 89.

Congratulations to the Junior Girls Netball Team who represented London Wing in the Region Netball Competition and those cadets selected to represent the Region against the Corps, Cdt Figgins, Watts and Plent.

(and on Monday FS Pisano and Cdt Karacochi passed the Staff 2 Exam, the highest academic level possible!)