Kris is off to South Africa

Civilian Instructor Kris Pisano is off to South Africa for a three week visit courtesy of the Cadet Vocation Qualification Office (CVQO). Kris, an ex Cadet Warant Officer with the Sqn was recently shortlisted as one of the 9 top cadets in the UK from all 3 cadet services for selection for the Duke of Westminsters Award.

Although she wasn’t picked for the top slot she impressed the assessors so much that she was assigned one of the 9 places for the trip of a lifetime to South Africa in July.

Kris stated "this is indeed an honour and will be an incredible trip. It shows what anyone can achieve through the Air Training Corps if they put their mind to it!"

Kris’s OC, Sqn Ldr Jerry Godden stated "I am not surprised at her selection, she is an outstanding young lady who will achieve much in her life, and has already contributed so much to the success of 241 Squadron."

The photo shows Kris briefing an NCO at the McGrath Trophy Orineteering Competition on Sunday 27 April.