Kristina recieved her Lord Lieutentants Award

On Thursday 15 March a proud Kristina Pisano recieved her Lord Lieutenants Certificate and badges from Field Marshall Ingliss at the home of the Reserve and Cadet Forces at Fulham, in front of a high ranking audience including her mother and father.

One of three cadets, one from each service, so hounour each year Kristina can look foward to a busy and eventfull year of duties, which starts soon with a presentation at the Mansion House to the Mayors of London.

As a Lord Lieutenants Cadet, Krisitina will assist the Lord Lieutenant with his ceremonial duties over the next year and will get to rub shoulders with the great and the good during this time. She will act as an ambassador for the ATC and be a visible link to the Corps with the opinion makers she will meet.

The title Lord Lieutenant is given to the British monarch’s personal representatives around the United Kingdom, usually in a county or similar circumscription, with varying tasks throughout history. Usually a retired local notable, senior military officer, peer or business person is given the post honourarily. Both men and women are eligible for the post.

Lord-lieutenants are the monarch’s representatives in their lieutenancy. It is their foremost duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown, and in so doing they seek to promote a spirit of co-operation and good atmosphere by the time they give to voluntary and benevolent organisations and by the interest they take in the business and social life of their counties.

The modern responsibilities of lord-lieutenants include:

Arranging visits of members of the Royal family and escorting Royal visitors;
Presentation of medals and awards on behalf of the Sovereign, and advising on Honours nominations;
Participation in civic, voluntary and social activities with the Lieutenancy;
Liaison with local units of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated cadet forces;
Leading the local magistracy as Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace; and
Chairing the local Advisory Committee for the Appointment of the General Commissioners of Income Tax, a tribunal which hears appeals against decisions made by the HM Revenue and Customs on a variety of different tax related matters.

As the sovereign’s representative in his or her county, the Lord-Lieutenant remains non-political nor holds office in any political party. The customary age of retirement is 75.

The Lord-Lieutenant is supported by a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants which he or she appoints. The Vice Lord-Lieutenant takes over when the Lord-Lieutenant is abroad or ill or otherwise incapacited. The Lord-Lieutenant appoints between 30 to 40 Deputy Lieutenants depending on the county’s population size.