Lord Mayors Show

Cadets from the Sqn were present at the Lord Mayors Show in the streets of the City of London today, 08 Nov, as part of the London Wing Marching Contingent, with Sgt Simpole having the honour of carrying the London Wing Banner (as seen on BBC 1) for this historic cermony.

Although the weather was poor, with rain and wind, Cdt Rawal said "I really enjoyed this (except for the getting wet part), the atmosphere was absolutely amazing and it felt good to have people cheering for you. The weather was appalling but everyone’s moods were great so it didn’t really make much of a difference. Some of the floats were really good and it was funny when a band starting "singing in the rain" right behind us. I would definitely do this again, but i hope there is better weather next time!"

The photo shows the cadets before the parade (although it is unclear as to why Sgt Simpole isnt similing!)