McGrath Competition

On Sunday 23 April the Sqn held its annual McGrath Tophy Competition at Crowborough. Named after Warrant Officer Norman McGrath who served with the Sqn from 1951 – 2002, the competition aims to find the best section on the Sqn thruough a series of challenging events.

These were Drill, Shooting, First Aid, General Service Knowledge, Orienteering (a new event)and Command Tasks.

In addition the Cadets had the opportunity to tackle the camp Assault Course of rope swings, obstacles and walls.

In spite of the drizzle that persisted most of the day the cadets pulled out all the stops in trying to win the competition, and it was the most open competition since the inception of the Trophy in 2001, 6 sections won an event each, and at the end of the day the results were:

1st 1 Section – Cpl Caroline Dent
2nd 7 Section – Cpl Kyle O’Donovan
3rd 10 Section – Cdt James Simpole

In addition Cdts Simpole and Sandhu were promoted to Corporal at the end of the competition.