Microlight Scholarship

FS Kristina Pisano has returned from a 2 week Mircolight Flying Scholarship Course at RAF Halton. Her report is below:

“Being one of three cadets selected for this fairly new and unique flying course was not only an honour but an unforgetable experience as these small aircraft take on a new form of air experience flying. Over the 2 weeks I was able to fly 10 hours to train me up to solo standard. The Thruster Sprinter is a single engine microlight and was a surprisingly easy aircraft to handle. My instructor throughout the whole course was absolutely brilliant, we learnt so much on the ground as well as in the air! Every morning we would have a weather briefing, decoding and translating the METAR and TAF reports of the day. Ground school work was interesting in learning how the aircraft behaves in certain conditions and how we are able to control it. We sat an Air Law exam too which is compulsory to pass if we are to go solo and advance to a PPL. We got to fill in our own Pilot log books, refuel the microlight and even watch engineers take the engine off when there was an oil leakage! “