NCO Cadre & Shooting

On Friday evening, twelve Junior NCOs and potential JNCOs assembled at Crowborough Training Camp to undertake the annual NCO Cadre. The next 48 hours were to be physically and mentally challenging, designed to build leadership skills and prepare them for life as a JNCO on one of the busiest squadrons in the ATC.

The first half of the weekend was based on camp and the cadets were taught what was expected of them as the senior member of a barrack block, how to instruct drill and how to manage a section of younger cadets. Under the watchful eye of the squadron Senior Warrant Officer, Phil Wright, and Cadet Warrant Officer Laura Molen, Cadet Sergeants Rob Fothergill and Jay Bhadresha helped the candidates to hone their skills.

After lunch it was all change into combats and get ready to move out to the training area. The second phase of the course was to involve practical leadership training with each of the cadets taking their turn in command. Over the final 24 hours, each cadet was given a complex task to complete which involved them planning a solution, briefing their section and then executing their idea. The only break was an overnight rest out in the January weather!

A huge amount of hard work and effort was put in by all, and by the time they returned to camp the majority of the course looked exhausted. It was not in vain however, and we are pleased to report a 100% pass rate from the course and high standards throughout. A big well done to:

Cpl Rhys Reeves-Roberts
Cdt Ben Filer
Cdt Claire Hayes
Cdt Bianca Nicklen
Cdt Darren Southcott
Cdt Ross Graham
Cdt Paul Thistlewaite
Cdt Courtney Lawrence
Cdt Ross Davidson
Cdt Billy Chavner
Cdt Michael Smith
Cdt Jak Ferrari

The photo shows cadets about to set out on the Leadership Phase of the Course.

Also on Sunday the 14th January 2007 CI Hawes and CI Grant took 16 cadets firing on the L98-A1 rifle at Smith Barrack range, Pirbright.

Congratulations to those who gained new marksman qualifications and to CDT Harper for a clear victory in the knock-out competition. Results on the forum