NCO Training

On Saturday 22 March 10 Junior NCOs and Cadet Section Commanders took part in a Sqn NCO Training Day to equip them for their role as the commander of a Section of 8 – 10 cadets, responsible for their attendance, discipline, welfare, subscriptions and drill.

This is a big responibility for the Section Commanders who are usually 15 to 16 years old and this course is designed to give them a "toolkit" to be able to carry out the role with confidence and success. This was delivered in a combination of role plays, lectures and discussions.

Instructors on the course where Pilot Officer Jason Rueben RAF, on leave from his regular job as a Fighter Controller, CI Paul Fothergill and CI Kristina Pisano, both former CWOs and IFS Caroline Dent, supervised by the OC Sqn Ldr Godden.

The photo shows the candidates and instructors in one of the spells of good weather when it was not sleeting!