Nescliffe Leadership Course

Cpl Finlay Bliss has returned from a strenous week long leadership course with the Army Cadets, the first time a cadet from the Sqn has been on the course in a decade. “On the 4th of April I arrived at Nessclife Army Training Camp in Shropshire to take part in the Land Command Leadership Course which is run by the Army and the Army Cadet Force. On arrvial I was a little nervous but raring to go for the week ahead. I signed in and was assigned to my platoon and section. I was in 3 Section, 3 Platoon. There was no one I knew on the course so I had to try to make friends however this proved incredibly easy as all of the army cadets were incredibly welcoming and I found I fitted in well. We spent the rest of day one getting to know each other.

On the first day we completed a series of stands which included battle field first aid, section battle drills command tasks and navigation. This took up the whole day and by the evening we were thoroughly exhausted. The next day after breakfast we were tested on our competency on the L98 Cadet GP rifle, and then we were briefed on the stretcher race, which was two miles long with the section carrying a stretcher with two jerry cans attached to it. I was given command and had to lead through this arduous challenge. Our section worked incredibly hard for each other and came 3rd out of the 20 sections competing. On midday of the 3rd day we deployed to the training area to conduct leadership exercises in the field these included firing blank firing weapons and a large amount of practical leadership. We stayed in the field for 3 days and in this time completed section attacks full scale platoon attacks and a platoon night ambush, as well as other tasks such as gutting and cooking a fish on an open fire. When we came back from the field it was our last day and it was spent washing and relaxing. That night we enjoyed a three course meal put on by the staff and awards were given out to the best cadet and best section.    As an overview the command leadership course at Nescliffe opened my eyes to the rest of the cadet organisation and introduced me to new people from all over the country I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys field craft and the challenge of leadership”.