New cadets lend a helping hand

The RAF Association is an organisation for ex members of the RAF and has branches all over the country and abroad. As the junior branch of the RAF the Air Cadets have a strong bond with those senior members who have served in the RAF.

The Branch at Ilford recently asked for the Squadron’s help in clearing the grounds at their club house opposite Valentines Park and the Sqn was glad to assist.

Sgt Tom Jerome, IFS Kyle O’Donovan and Sgt Will Browne took a working party from the current 4 (Recruit) Flight on Saturday 15 March to carry out the works in the gardens.

OC 241, Sqn Ldr Godden said: "This is an good example of the younger generation doing something practical to help the local community and RAFA, and making a difference to the local environment."

The Photo shows the cadets at the start of the day.