News from the 241 Family

Over the last few months staff and ex cadets from the Squadron, who are part of the wider 241 Sqn family, have celebrated significant milestones in their lives. CI Dave Grant’s partner Sally gave birth to a Baby daughter, Esme, in December. Ex Officer Matt Davies, now a Lieutentant in the Royal Artillery married ex Cdt FS Tina Liau at Vinopolis in Central London. Ex CI Ben Filer was commisioned as a Pilot Officer in the RAF having completed his Initial Officer Training Course. Ex Cadets James Harries and Danielle Dowden have married and had a baby boy, George, and Ex Cadets Sophie Appleby and Adam Tuhill have got married in January, and Ex officer Gavin Hayes has got engaged to ex cadet Jane Cartwright, and finally Fg Off Nick Harvey and Fg Off Holly Brogden-Knight have announced their engagement. The photos show Matt and Tinas wedding (with Cpt Danny Davies (another ex officer on the Sqn and Matts best man), and Sophie Appleby), Dave, Sally and Esme, and Ben on his commissioning day. The Sqn wishes good luck to all of its alumni!