Nick strides out

In June, Nick Harvey, Flying Officer and second-in-command of 241, will be going for a rather long jog in aid of Sport Relief:

“On 2 June I will be attempting to run the 145 mile Grand Union Canal Race.  I say ‘attempting’ as I haven’t a clue if I am capable of finishing, but I’ll give it a good go.  I need to finish within 45hrs, stopping at checkpoints for no longer than 40mins at a time.  Yes, you read that correctly – 145miles on foot in less than two days.  I picked this daft event as a challenge back in October when I turned 30, hoping I wouldn’t get a place, and thinking it was ages away. Well, I did get a place and now it’s less than two months away.

I am raising money for Sport Relief, which I am sure you have heard all about, but they help people both in Britain and abroad, for example, £350 can pay for 875 children in Uganda to have a rapid diagnostic test for malaria. This means they can get the right treatment quickly and gives them a chance of surviving long enough to reach hospital.So, please, support Sport Relief and give me some extra motivation to finish the race by sponsoring me.  In turn I will put myself through Hell.  This point may come well before the end of the race, but I did knock off a 31 mile run at the weekend with no problems so training is going well! You can sponsor me at , and you can keep up with my training on my blog at Happy running to all friends of 241! Nick”