Night Nav and Shooting

Over the night of 16-17 November the OC, Sqn Ldr Jerry Godden, CI Jack West and Cpl Tom Bean took part in the Roding Rally, an overnight orienteering competition in Epping Forest, involving working out the location of checkpoints from a series of clues and then fidning the cehck points, all but the first being unlit in the deepest depths of the forest over a 12 mile course. Inspite of not finding the 7th checkpoint the team found the others and finished the course at 0540 in the morning. CI West said “this was a first for the Sqn and a great competition testing core skills in a very challenging environment”. On the Sunday Sgt Jack Chavner took 8 cadets L98A2 shooting at Pirbright ranges with London Wing. Cdt Kretovs qualified for his Wing marksman, and the photos show cadets clearing the range of fired brass at the end of the day and Cpl Outzen stripping his rifle for cleaning.