OCs New Year Message



2011 is now here and we look forward to the Sqns 70th Anniversary year (and that of the ATC), whilst reflecting on our heavy workload of events and activities over the year, ensuring the cadets and staff were looking forward and striving to meet the next challenge.

2010 was a year where the Sqn maintained its presence in London Wing, winning the Wing Drill (for the 5th consectutive year), the Cross Country (for the 17th year), the Swimming, the Aircraft Recognition, the Best Sports Sqn Trophy for the second year, and a close second in the Innes Trophy and the Banner Drill competition. The Sqn was stronlgy represented in the National Cadet 150 celebrations by CWO Dutch, who met the Queen, Boris Johnson and the Speaker of the House of Commons, attended the national parade in London with CWO Webb and the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and who was Regional Represenative for the Dacre Broach competition. Alex was also the Lord Lieutants Cadet for the ATC for London.

CWO Dutch (her again!) toured Israel with the IACE cadets, and the Sqn mounted an ambitious expedtion to the Sultanate of Oman to encompass the desert and mountains of this exotic country, superbly organised by Sgt Michelle Cheah. This was a highlight of the year for those cadets and staff who participated.

CI Ben Filer left the Sqn to join the RAF and has just finished his Officer Training at RAFC Cranwell, and starts pilot trg later this year. CWO Ajvir Sandhu has joined the University Air Squadron at Durham and has already won a flying competition on the Grob Tutor. Jack Chavner was appointed Adult Sargeant and Myles Webb awaits his regional commisioning board. Ex Cadet Kirsty Troy was appointed as a Civilian Instructor together with Caroline Dent.

Cadets also achieved:

3 cadets passed the Junior Leaders Course in April, CWO Alex Dutch, FS Rhyse Reeves-Roberts and Sgt Matt McCormack

2 Flying Scholarships; CWO Myles Webb and Sgt Luke Benjafield, with CWO Alex Dutch gaining an RAFA Flying Scholarship

3 Gliding Scholarships : Sgt Murphy, Cdts Plent and Mondahass

Over 30 GIC Gliding Courses Over 90 flights in Tutor Aircraft and Sea Kings

Two Cdt 150 Shooting Awards: Sgts Ischt and Cpl Raj

Young Life Saver First Aid Awards,  Radio Certificates (Full and Provisional), Gold, Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards,  BTEC’s in Public Service, BTEC’s in Aviation Studies, and  Region Blues for Rugby and Netball, and a Corps Blue for Rugby.

Cadet attended: Week Camps at RAF Lossiemouth, Week Adventure Training Camps in the Lake District, Bisley Shooting Camp and several weekend camps at Crowborough.

We also worked with cadets and staff from other Squadrons, including 6F, 12F, 27F, 1838 and 2324, and the Middelsex Wing Shooting team. Cadets also raised money for charities including the Royal British Legion was also high on our priority list and we raised over £8000 for them.

I have missed much out in the cause of brevity. However it can be seen that this was another busy and successful year. Our aims for this year include the 70th Anniversary Dinner and Dance, regaining the Innes Sword, and defending the Drill and Cross Country Competitions and planning for a Diving Expedition to the Red Sea. We also have new cadets to bring forward and perhaps the most difficult task of all, to maintain our high standards and ethos! We will also need to deal with the tightened finacial situation that faces the country.

I would like to close by stating the Sqn never stands still and is always looking for the next challenge whilst reinforcing on our successes. I would like to especially thank the Staff for their outstanding hard work and dedication without whom nothing happens! (and their wives and partners, who’s support is vital and much appreciated!). I would also like to thank the cadets for their hard work and enthusiasm, as well as some of the more interesting issues we have dealt with, and to the Committee for their hard work in fund raising and providing excellent catering at our events. I hope you all look forward to this year, and we will work together to make the Squadron even better. Happy New Year!