Open Day and Other Activities

On Sun 18 Jun the Sqn held its annual open and families day, blessed by the usual hot and sunny weather (it can’t last forever!). Parents and friend had the opportunity to see cadets demonstrate their skills in drill, leadership and fitness, as well as admire the various Flights fund raising stalls.

2 Flight raised over £200 towards the minibus fund, and was easily the highest raising flight.

Highlight of the day was the "Gungeing" of a member of staff and a SNCO. Everybody paid 50p for a vote for which member of staff and cadet SNCO they wanted to see covered in gunge mixture of water, flour, powered paint and so on!

With multiple voting allowed the acting Sqn Commander, Flt Lt Jerry Godden easily "won" the staff section with over £180 raised, and IFS Laura Molen was a suprise winner of the SNCO section with £140 raised.

Both are still trying to remove the gunge from their hair! (an easier task for Flt lt Godden it has to be said!)

On the Saturday the shooting team attended Stoney Castle Range in Surrey for a final practise for Bisley 06, where the Sqn, for the 3rd year running, has had 3 Team selected to compete in the annual inter service cadet shooting competition. Unfortunately CI Matt Davis didnt listen to the range brief, omitted to wear sun cream and now has very red arms!

On the same day CI Steven Hawes passed his range officer requalification course and can continue to run ranges for another 4 years. Over the weekend CI David Grant attended a Gallery Range Officers Course at Hythe Ranges on the South Coast and passed. He is now able to take range practises on distances of up to 1200 yards

Sgts Tom Burgess and Kyle O’Donovan are now on the second weekend of their Gliding Scholarship Course at Weathersfield Airfield, and are hopefully about halfway from gaining their Wings by going solo.