Parliamentry Business

By Cadet Emilly Channon:

"On the 20th July, ten cadets from 241 toured the Palace of Westminster. Along with FS Cross, SGT Simpole, CPL Browne and Cadets Abela, Ali, Campbell, Channon, Goldman, Sinclair and Zielinski; we met a number of cadets on an International Air Cadet Exchange there.

The tour itself was very interesting and I learnt a lot of things whilst also being shown around the House of Lords and Commons and the main lobby hall. It was great to be meet other air cadets from places such as Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand with whom we got on really well with.

I felt extremely proud and privileged to represent the whole of the British Air Training Corps and the trip really brought home what an excellent squadron we belong to to be able to have members of our Squadron standing side by side with international air cadets in such a grand setting such as the Houses of Parliament."