Preperation for Leadership Course

Cpl Andy Webb has just retunred from the above two week course in Scotland. The Preparation for Leadership course, at OAC Grantown-on-Spey, represents an integral part of the RAF Sixth Form Scholarship award, for successful applicants of OASC Cranwell. A 12-day course of Adventure Training, run by RAF Physical Training Instructors, and observed by Boarding Officers from RAF College Cranwell, serves to assess and improve future Officers’ leadership skills.

Activities undertaken include sea kayaking, Canadian Open canoeing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, lectures on practical leadership and command tasks. Throughout the fortnight, and all the AT activities, Scholars are themselves given lead of their syndicates, and are responsible for the safe and enjoyable conduct of the multitudinous activities.

All the activities are designed to push Scholars mentally and physically, but without exception, the course are enjoyed by all. All the rudimentary skills needed in an AT role, are revised, and the standard of attainment is high, as is expected from successful OASC candidates.