Recruit Flights 59 and 60 pass out

After a packed 6 – 8 months of training the July and October 08 Recruit Courses(the 59th and 60th such courses the Sqn has run since 1988 ) passed out and the cadets were posted into the main 3 Flights on the Sqn. Their training has consisted of learning about the ATC and RAF, Weapon Training, use of radios, Expedition Training, Drill, Sport, and Airmanship, and having the opportunity to take part in powered flying and rifle shooting, and completing a recruit training weekend at Crowborough Training Camp in Sussex. There had been a delay in the pass out pardes due to the building of the Sqn extension, hence both flights passing out together. 36 Cadets were present together with their parents for a formal parade and presentation of their Flight Markers. The parents watched a drill display by the cadets and were then given a presentation of what their young people had achieved and the opportunities open to them in the future by Fg Off Nick Harvey, the second in command of the Squadron. The Flights were then marched onto the Sqns Final Parade and the cadets welcomed to the main Sqn by the OC, Sqn Ldr Jerry Godden, and then marched to their new Flights, where a bright future awaits them. A number of cadets also gained awards for their efforts over the last 6 months.

 The Photos show one of the Flights marching on for their drill display, and the winners of awards with the OC and the two cadet SNCOs repsonsible for their training.