Region Band Camp

IFS Dent & CDT Dutch attended Region Music Camp on the 26th – 28th October.

Arriving there, we were briefed on how the weekend was going to be run, prepared for the next and that was that.
Dent playing the flute and Dutch playing the oboe all day found it very hard work. We rehearsed many songs such as Venture Adventure, Star Wars, Wallace & Gromit, Birdland, Pomp & Circumstance and a few others.
As we both couldn’t play our insturments in the marching band we were given cymbals to play alongsigde the drummers. This was good fun, as we were playing something new.

At the end of the weekend having practised hour after hour for 2 days solid, we had a final performance concert – playing flute & oboe and then final marching band performance, and playing the the full marching band but also the drum solos (as we were playing the cymbals)

We had a talk from an Army representative, about joining up and being in their bands which also gave us the oppourtunity to see what we could do with our skills, and how to improve them. Also what we would need to do to join up.

Wing Commander Sylvia Silver attended watching the ensemble (concert) performance.

The marching band, and ensemble reached a very high standard having only just met, and played together over the period of two days and were congratulated on the standard and efforts everyone put in.