Region Small-bore Rifle Competition – The Stubbs Trophy

On Saturday 20th September 2008, eight members of the Squadron Shooting Team attended the Region Small-bore competition, known as the Stubbs Trophy, to represent London Wing. This year the competition was hosted by Kent Wing, and held in Chislehurst.

The competition was a scored shoot on a 10 bullseye target at 25 metres, firing a single shot per bullseye. Then a 40 round shoot at 8 bullseyes (5 shots/bullseye) fired from 50 metres. Finally, a 40 round shoot at 4 bullseyes (10 shots/bullseye) fired from 100 metres. Firing a small-bore rifle and 50 and 100 metres was challenging for the team, but the day was good, if slightly long.

The results are not yet known, but will be published soon.

The photo shows Cpl Dutch returning with her shot targets on the 100 metre range