Remberance Week

Cadets from the Squadron have a very busy week collecting collecting for the annual Poppy Appeal in Woodford and Loughton supporting two different Royal British Legion Branches. Practically every cadet has been involved in the collections which saw a collection of £6300 for the Loughton Branch. We are still awaiting the Woodford branch total. This is a major effort on the part of the Squadron for this worthy charity which supports serving and ex servicemen and women of the Armed Forces who are veterans of all British wars since the First World War. Several Cadets collected over £100 individually, with the top three collectors to be revealed once the final count is in.

Othe Saturday before Remberance Day, as well as collecting in Loughton High Street, 8 Cadets took part in the Lord Mayor’s Show. The cadets marched as part of a larger contingent of over 150 cadets from London and Middlesex wings and Corporal Gideon Goldsmith paraded the London wing banner for the air cadet section of the show. The Lord Mayors Show is the worlds largest un-rehearsed parade and this year was the 685th show. The ATC contributed to some of the 6,500 participants marching on the day. Over half a million people lined the 2-mile route which passed through the heart of London. Corporal Puzriakova said “The atmosphere was amazing, it’s a once in a life time experience and I’m so glad I did it! I’ll definately be parading next year!” Also busy was the Squadron Warrent Officer, Phil Wright, who was at the Royal Albert Hall for the British Legion Festival of Remberance in charge of the Air Cadets at the event. This year he was luck enough to be included in the final muster in front of Her Majesty The Queen and was on the BBC coverage several times!

On Remberence Sunday the Squadron played its full part in the local commemerations. 70 Cadets and 5 Staff joining  with 2324 (Chigwell) Sqn for the remberence parade at Loughton, with over 110 cadets being on parade. Meanwhile another 18 Cadets and 2 staff paraded at Wanstead War memorial (above) which has a special meaning for the Sqn as ex cadet Royal Marine Tom Curry’s name is on the memorial, Tom having been killed in action in Afghanistan in 2007. On top of that a further 18 cadets where flying at 5 Air Experience Flight at RAF Wyton in the aerobatic Grob Tutor