Rock Climbing Cadets

Cadet Warrant Officer Mike Cross and Sgr Ross Davidson have just returned from a Rock Climbing training course at the Armed Forces Adventure Training School at Llanwrust in North Wales. The course was for the Single Pitch Award in Rock Climbing and gave them hands on experience in establishing a climbing route on a rock face with the aid of a rope (The “single pitch”).

This built on their previous experience and enables them to go foward for assesment to teach other personel once they have further experience. Ross commented “The course was very useful and it was a shock to Mike and myself how different being a climbing leader is to climbing with your own friends. We learnt new ways of setting up abseils for groups, and were shown new techniques on how to set up anchor points which is the way to set up top ropes for clients. The rest of the course was focused on how to manage groups, how to sort out problems and the etiquette of using public crags with big groups. We also spent a couple of hours in the local climbing wall and went over how to manage a group there, including how to warm a group up, and how to make climbing sessions fun. The course was very useful and at the end of the last day, the course director, Ted Rogers all gave us his seal of approval which meant we had passed the course. I will now practise all the skills I have learnt over the next year and I plan to take my assessment next July”.