Royal Marines Commando Challenge

On Sunday 15 October, 3 teams from the Squadron entered the Royal Marines Commando Challenge.

The Challenge is a 7 mile course that comprises the Royal Marines Endurance Course, one of the final Commando tests that all Royal Marines must pass before they earn their green beret. The event raises money for a local charity – the Gemini Radio Charitable Trust. The course is hilly, wet and very muddy. It also includes the infamous Royal Marines water tunnel – a fully submerged tunnel which all teams must pass through.

The Squadron had previously entered the Challenge in 2002, where the ‘A’ team (comprising of Dan Davies, Matt Davies, Ciaran McNally & Owen Glover) had won the event with a run time of 60mins. However, that year we had been training…

We were taking things slightly less seriously this year, so one of the teams (Team Chinstrap) decided to run the course wearing skeleton costumes. This wasn’t planned, we noticed them in Tesco’s the night before the race and thought it would add a bit of humour. We failed to appreciate that the costumes were made for 8-10 year olds!

The other two teams (Team Jockstrap and The Sexy Ladies) completed the event wearing combats and boots, and suitable embroidered t-shirts respectively.

The total scores are a combination of time to complete the event and money raised. The two scores being added together to give a total. The results were as follows:

[u:17gnnjt5]Team Chinstrap[/u:17gnnjt5] (All male category, out of 115 teams)
Run time: 1hr 12min (10th)
Sponsorship raised: £157 (39th)
Overall: 9th
Team members: Fg Off D Davies (Capt), Fg Off N Harvey, CI M Davies

[u:17gnnjt5]Team Jockstrap[/u:17gnnjt5] (All male category, out of 115 teams)
Run time: 1hr 17mins (26th)
Sponsorship raised: £453 (5th)
Overall: 6th
Team members: FS A Makins (Capt), CWO P Fothergill, Sgt K O’Donovan, Sgt D Zealander, Cpl R Fothergill

[u:17gnnjt5]Sexy Ladies[/u:17gnnjt5] (All female category, out of 26 teams)
Run time: 1hr 35mins (11th)
Sponsorship raised: £455 (5th)
Overall: 5th
Team members: FS L Molen (Capt), CI K Channon, FS K Pisano, Cpl C Dent, Cpl S Foley