Running and Gliding

Whilst the Sqn was shooting on Sunday 09 Dec, other cadets where representing the Wing against the rest of the Region at RAF Uxbridge in Cross Country, gaining Wing Blues. The Cadets that particiapted were:

IFS O’Donovan
Dutch J

The Cadets did very well and London Wing won the overall Trophy, and IFS O’Donovan, Southcott, Thompson, Henry, Birbeck and Al Akku have been selected for the Region Team in the National Championships!

Another 4 Cadets were at Weathersfield Airfield doing their Gliding Induction Course with up to 5 flights in the Viking Glider, and all passed with recommendations for further training.

Cdt Ruffini C
Cdt Ruffini D
Cdt Williams R
Cdt Villius

The photo shows a Grob Viking Glider in flight