Search and Rescue

On the 26th October over the half term week 18 cadets and 2 staff attended a visit at Wattisham Airfield where they were hosted by B Flight of 22 Sqn. Here they got to climb over the Sea King HAR3A helicopter, a comforting sight for those in trouble on and around the British Isles. These large yellow helicopters operate Search and Rescue missions and on a tour around the aircraft cadets learned about the avionics used to locate the distressed, a fact which shocked most was that some clever designing meant that the Sea King was fully equipped to land on water!

However we weren’t just here to look at the aircraft, the highlight for everyone was a brisk 10 minute flight around the airfield and over the Apache dispersals followed by a winch down from the helicopter which was a great experience!

This was a great trip, and when it comes around again (which it certainly will) get on it!