Shooting at Pirbright

Cadets and Staff attended Pirbright Ranges on Sunday 09 Dec 07 to practise their marksman skills on a Sqn Range Day. Run by the Sqn’s 3 Gallery Range Conducting Officers this gave cadets a chance to be trained on the L98 Rifle (run by Plt Off Davies on his last shoot with the Sqn), be tested on the weapon, and to live fire the rifle at ranges up to 200m.

We were also able to use the Falling Plate Targets on the range, which are metal squares about 2′ x 2′ on hinges which fall if hit by the bullet in the right places with a satisfying crack!

We didnt get too wet as the rain only came in at the start and end of the day, and the Sqn waterproofs did their job well!

Congratulations to the Cadets who gained marksmen awards:

Cdt Chong – Corps
Cdt Dutch A – Region
Cdt Bhadsah H – Wing

The photo shows CI Hawes running the range with ICWO Pisano coaching Cdt Dutch.