Shooting Camp

Over the weekend of the 14 – 15 Apr the Sqn held its annual shooting camp on the L81 Target Rifle, held this year at Bisley Camp and Stoney Castle Range. Firing at up to 600 yards the cadets undertook intensive training under the guidance of the Sqn coaches in preperation for Bisley in July. Together with cadets from 27F, 1838, 2324 sqns from London Wing and Sqns from Middlesex the cadets fired at 300 and 600 yards with the aim of getting 7 rounds into a 6 inch circle. Cdt Max Lungu had the highest formal score of 33.6 (out of a maximum of 35.7) with several other cadets scoring 30 or over. The camp saw the traditional curry on the Saturday night, with no arguments over the cost of poppadums unlike 2011! The Team now looks forward to competing in the London and Middlesex Competition in May.