Shooting Days

The Sqn held its annual Inter Flight Shoot between the 2 main Flights  on Sunday 19 February, and we were also joined by Cadets and Staff from 1838 Sqn. Fired at Pirbright Ranges on the L98A2 rifle the weather, although very cold, was much better than the rain of 2011. Each Flight provided shooters and cadets to man the targets in the Butts. In total, 4 separate practises were fired, a deliberate shoot at 300m, a rapid shootat 200m, a snap shoot at 200m and a Fire with Movement Shoot from 300m to 200m  to 100m, which will also be used for a qualification for the Earl Roberts competition. In preperation the weekend before cadets had attended a Wing shoot at Pirbright on an even colder day with snow on the ground!

The shoot was won by 1 Flt for the first first in 3 years. The Photos show cadets on the Wing Shoot in the snow, on the range today, and the winning 1 Flt Team.