Shooting Stars

Over the last six weeks Cadets from the Sqn have taken part in a number of shooting activities on the L98A2 rifle. On 02 and 30 September cadets live fired the rifle at Pirbright Ranges with over 10 qualifying for marksman awards up to Corps level (photos above). Members of the shooting team carried out training on the Light Support Weapon (the L86 machine gun) over the weekend of the 10 September at RAF Northolt in preperation for the forthcoming Cadet Inter Service Skill at Arms Meeting where the Sqn has qualified to send a team to the competition, and finally the Sqn Team was placed first in the Region Field Day Shooting Competition at RAF Northolt on Saturday 06 October, with the highest score on the DCCT Range, a highly sophisiticated electronic training system fired on the L85 rifle, helping the combined London Wing team to an overall second place in the shooting.