Shooting Success

Under the high summer sun, the 241 Squadron shooting team entered the London Wing L81 Shooting competition held at Stoney Castle ranges in Surrey.

Two teams were entered and in true 241 fashion the “A” and “B” teams came in first and second respectively. The coach, CI Steven Hawes, led the team to a glorious and well deserved victory, thrashing the opposition with a stunning victory.

[b:39ygo7y8]”A” team[/b:39ygo7y8]
FS Pisano
FS Grant
Cdt Filer
Cdt Bustemante

[b:39ygo7y8]”B” team[/b:39ygo7y8]
FS Cheah
Sgt Burgess
Cdt Davis
Cdt Charles

Well done team