The PR Machine rolls on…

The 241 PR Machine is so good it has won a competition!

We are the winners of the 2007 Region Staff Photo Comp (see attached) and 2007 Region Press Release Comp –

[b:8zzsm0ee]Photo Competition (Staff entry)[/b:8zzsm0ee]

For an image taken under extreme conditions, reflecting the nature of what some of Air Cadets adult volunteers risk; shows three members of 241 Alpine Expedition Team above clouds, on the aig du tour summit, Chamonix, France. The image conveys, purpose, commitment, skills, achievement and leadership qualities of our organisation- simply the Ultimate Challenge.

[b:8zzsm0ee]Press Release Award [/b:8zzsm0ee]

For an original press release and the subsequent press coverage in Archant Press and Guardian Series, of 241 Sqn’s Alpine Expedition. Stories with images, promoted the wider Air Cadet Organisation as well as depicting the opportunities afforded to diverse youth in our communities. Priceless advertising with "quick-link" to squadron website.