The Sqn keeps busy

Over the last few weeks the Sqn has been its usual busy self and there are a number of news articles to come. In the meantime some items of note have been the Squadrons particiapation in the annual Armed Forces Day event, this year seeing 20 Cadets paradeing at Ilford War Memorial Gardens in company with the British Legion, Territorial Army and Army Cadets, and running a display on the activities the Sqn takes part in. The Sqn has also participated in the Wing Service Rifle Shooting Competition where a scratch team of Junior Cadets came a respectable third (others from the Team being at the Oman Fun Day or on exam leave) and the Wing Aircraft Recognition Competition where the Team won the event after two years of comming second, and Cdt Dimrti Manning-Coe won the Individual Event, an excellent effort. We have also welcomed 3 new members of staff with Amir Hafeez joining as a Civilian Instructor, having been a cadet on 1107 Sqn in the 1970s, CI Kirsty Troy, an ex cadet FS now comming onto the staff side and ex cdt Sgt Jack Chavner now appointed as an Adult Sgt. We welcome them all to the staff side without whom nothing happens!