Top Guns

Two Cadets from the Sqn have completed the prestigious Air Training Corps Target Rifle Academy Course. Cpl Mandalia’s report follows: “The Shooting Academy was run alongside the Corps Coaching Course, with a mixture of Staff and Cadets. We arrived at Longmoor Camp and met the staff and cadets we’d be spending the course with. We were scheduled to have lectures all day Saturday and then be on the range the remaining days with lectures after each range day. Both courses were run very closely together and we all covered the same material. This gave us the opportunity to improve our coaching as well as our firing.

Sunday was for the most part lectures, with the opportunity to get our weapons set up to our individual preferences. The cadets on the Shooting Academy were assigned specialist  RPA rifles to fire, whilst the coaching course had the L81 Cadet Target Rifles. We covered lectures on all aspects of shooting including, Range Briefs, Safety on a Range, The Prone Position, Sight Adjustments, Butt marking & Telephone Messages and Managing a Team. The next 3 days were spent on No.1 Range at Longmoor, which was a 5 min journey so meant we had a longer day on the range and were able to get more shooting and coaching in. On the final day of shooting was a competition at 300 & 600 Yards, shooting 2 sighters and 10 to count. We both did well, with me finishing 2nd overall, managing to score the highest score at 600 Yards with a 48.7 out of 50.

The final day started off with us packing up all of our kit and getting it ready to go as soon as we were finished. After that we headed to the Briefing room for the final presentations of certificates and badges, with the  Academy students all qualified as getting an “NRA Advanced Skills Target Rifle” Qualification. This was a course I recommend to all shooters.”